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Advanced Search Engine Optimization

Conducting Your Research
Probably the most important step of this entire process is researching your keywords. This step essentially lays the foundation for your entire web site. You see, your website has little to no value, if no one can find it in the search engines and directories. You must determine the most popular keyword phrases associated with your product or service. And a good starting point is to use Overture's Search Term Suggestion Tool. This research will also help you when you use the pay per click search engines such as Overture, FindWhat and others. Now is a good time to take a good hard look at what your product or service is really about. You need identify the keyword phrases that best represent your website. By doing so, your conversion ratio will be much higher than if you just simply targeted generic terms that are not truly specific to you.

As an example, let's say a company is focused on "help desk software". The first step would be to research his particular keyword phrases. Going to Overture's "Search Term Suggestion Tool", we start with the keyword "help desk." The results for searches done were:

25,569 help desk
20,159 help desk software
1,650 resume help desk
1,333 help desk institute
1,186 help desk solution
890 help desk job resume help desk
810 telecommunication
809 computer help desk
743 support software help desk call resolution
737 free help desk software
680 IT help desk
598 Internet help desk
533 help desk support

The second step is to send the list to the client in order for him to select the keywords that best represent his product or service. With that, he returns our list with a request that we focus on the most searched after words first. We need to evaluate each requested keyword phrase for popularity.

In the third step, once again we go to Overture's "Search Term Suggestion Tool" and enter each keyword phrase help desk software, call center solutions, CRM software, help desk, web enabled call center, customer service software, web based help desk, CRM solution, web help desk, call center software, CRM software solution, software CRM, internet help desk, and help desk software programs. In addition to determining the search popularity of each keyword phrase, we also need to evaluate the actual "bid" price for each word. Sometimes the bid price will indicate a keyword phrase that has a high conversion ratio. In other words, it is quite possible that even though "help desk" was the most popular keyword phrase, variations and additions to that phrase may positively affect the conversion ratio of visitors-to-purchase. So, at times you may want to focus on "high-bid" words even though they draw less traffic.

The fourth step is to create a Title that represents and includes the most popular and highest bid keyword phrases. The most popular keyword phrase is "help desk" and the second most popular is "help desk software." However, "help desk software" warranted a bid price of $8.03 whereas "help desk" was only $3.60. Even though "help desk" would at a glance be the target keyword phrase, when considering keywords that convert the best, we submit that "help desk software" would be a better selection to focus on. And in this case, "help desk" is within the phrase "help desk software" and would in turn get traffic for both. The Title then should be "Help Desk Software."

Let's take it a step further. Yahoo and LookSmart are alphanumerically correct. That is, in regards to their respective directory categories, they sort just like the Yellow Pages -alphanumerically. It is advised to visit your intended categories and see what others are using. It may be that adding an "A" word such as "Advanced" or a number such as "'we" can pull you from the middle of the category all the way up to the number one position. In our case, we chose as our new title "4 Help Desk Software." The number 4 does little to hurt our keyword density but greatly enhances our potential position in the alphanumeric listings.

The fifth step is to create a Description. Here you can expand your keywords to include more relevant keyword phrases or simply try and stick with good keyword density by keeping it short. We decided to keep it somewhat short but add a few additional words. Our description became ''provides web based help desk and call center software in addition to CRM solutions". You can generally get by with a 20-word description but realize that each additional word dilutes your keyword density. So it is better to create a description out of the most popular/ highest bid keyword phrases.

Finally, we need a URL. Almost always we try and create the domain name that best fits and reinforces the title. In this case, http://www.4-help-desk-software.com works nicely. (Note, be sure and register your domain name with the Title being your business name.)

Title: 4 Help Desk Software
Description: Provides web based help desk and call center software in addition to CRM solutions.

Many of you already have a website whereas some of you are just getting started. Those of you with existing websites may wish to create a whole new site based on the following information for it may be too difficult and time-consuming to redo your existing site. Today, many Internet professionals have more than one site.

Top Dollar Traffic for Pennies
The reason that the top three bids in Overture seem to be so competitive is that they are considered "premium listings" and will in turn appear in the top three positions in Overture's partner sites. Those sites include Yahoo, MSN, Netscape, AItaVista, and Lycos/HotBot. So, not only do you get traffic from Overture, you also get it from its partner sites which can account for considerable traffic.

So. the key is to get "Top Dollar Traffic" in other search engines and directories where you pay much much less for the same quality traffic. To demonstrate this, let's concentrate on our top dollar keyword phrase "help desk software." overture


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