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Email Marketing Through Auto Responders

What exactly is the SLS unlimited follow up autoresponder?
An autoresponder is a program that automatically sends a reply to any e-mail address that sends e-mail to it. Autoresponders are also often called infobots, autobots, automailers, or responders. The SLS follow up autoresponder is a new autoresponder technology that not only delivers instant information to your leads via e-mail, but also sends them personalized follow up messages at predetermined intervals. The whole process happens automatically. What's more, you can view and change your messages and other account information 24 hrs per day via SLS's Online Customer Control Panel. See what the easy to use SLS Control Panel looks like.

Why is the SLS Follow Up Autoresponder better than traditional methods? The Old Way:
  • Many leads request information from you via e-mail.
  • You spend hours sorting through these requests, struggling to quickly send out information about your products and services.
  • You spend more hours entering these leads' names and email addresses into a database.
  • Inevitably, you leave out some leads, and send others the same information twice.
  • Leads call complaining that they never received the information they requested from you.
  • You are stressed. You try to remember which lead received which follow up letter from you.
  • In the end, you lose hundreds of potential customers due to ineffective follow up and tracking.
  • With fewer customers, you lose profits
The SLS Way:
  • Leads request information from you via e-mail or through your web site, and it is automatically delivered to them within seconds! You don't have to do anything!
  • The name and e-mail address of each lead is automatically added to your SLS database, saving you endless hours of data entry!
  • Personalized follow up letters are automatically sent to each of your leads at regular, predetermined intervals, building trust and rapport between you and your leads!
  • You spend more time with your family, since your SLS account is doing so much of your work!
  • Your efficient SLS follow up account converts leads into customers without intervention from you!
  • You save time, reduce stress, build customer loyalty, increase conversion ratios, and make more money!
What features does an SLS account include?
SLS accounts boast an impressive list of features! A standard SLS account includes:
  • UNLIMITED autoresponders.
  • UNLIMITED follow up messages!
  • UNLIMITED campaigns!
  • UNLIMITED broadcast messages!
  • UNLIMITED FREE technical support!
  • COMPLETE, 24/7, control over your own account, via a FREE online control panel!
  • Above is only a brief sampling of SLS's full feature list.

Can SLS autoresponders and follow up messages be personalized?
YES! Message personalization is a VERY POWERFUL feature of the SLS autoresponse system! When your lead requests information from you via your autoresponder, SLS actually captures that person's name. You can then place a special variable in the subject line or body of your message, and the SLS system will insert each lead's name into the message at that point. Each of your leads will receive an e-mail addressing him by name! When using the SLS web form you can also capture up to 25 custom data fields that can then be used to personalize your messages further. This is a very powerful sales tool, and is included FREE of charge with all SLS accounts.

How long can my messages be?
Your messages can be as long as you want to make them! SLS does not impose a length limit. Unlike other companies, SLS does not feel that your creativity should be limited.

How will I know when someone requests information from me via my SLS autoresponder?
A copy of each lead's request is forwarded to your personal e-mail account as soon as the request is made. This way you can answer any questions that your leads have that are not covered in your autoresponder.

Can I send broadcast messages to my mailing list?
Yes, you may login to your SLS account at any time and send a new message to all of your leads. Use SLS's unlimited broadcast message feature to notify leads of sales and new products, or to send out newsletters.

What is your Privacy Policy?
SLS will never share your personal information or that of your leads with anyone outside of our company. Please review our complete privacy policy.

How much does the SLS autoresponse system cost?
SLS offers several affordable billing terms for you to choose from. Each plan includes unlimited autoresponders, unlimited follow ups, unlimited broadcasts, and unlimited campaigns. Prices vary with the payment schedule you choose. Account setup is always FREE!


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