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Instant Traffic

Google Adwords is the most utilized Pay-Per-Click search engine on the web. They explored the feasibility of charging for placement rather than returning results solely based on relevancy and/or through the various algorithms mentioned above. Essentially, with Google Adwords, whoever bids the highest gets the top placement. Google performs verification so that someone shouldn't be able to get placement for a keyword phrase that is not somewhat relevant to that search. Gaining top one, two or three placement in Google Adwords additionally means traffic from other search engines and directories.

Managing Pay-Per-Clicks is a task in and of itself for you are constantly trying to maintain a top "3" position while bidding the least possible. It is very easy to let your bidding process get away from you. Let's say you are bidding $0.76 for the keyword phrase "cosmetic surgery" and have the 91st slot. However, 42 and 43 are bidding $0.70. That means that you could have had the 41 slot for $0.71 saving you $0.05 per click. Multiply that times 1000 clicks and your #1 position cost you an additional $50.00. To bring the point more to light, if that keyword phrase was searched for 51,768 times, and you held the #1 slot, then you were consistently paying $4.45 too much, and you would have paid a lot more than necessary."

It is highly suggested that you tread lightly with Pay-Per-Clicks and "Stay On Top Of It" so that you do not overpay. Knowing this, here's how we manage your pay-per-click campaign:
  • Keyword Research:
    Our Research Team will find proper keywords for your web site after making indepth analysis of your site so that you'll not miss out on those priceless "bargain" keywords.
  • Title and Description
    Create and/or maintain your listing titles and descriptions as they help in attracting the customer to click on your url.
  • Keyword Management
    You can access and monitor your keywords 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    Maintain specific positions for your keywords (top spot, top three, top ten…)
    Assist you to expand your targeted keywords.
  • Bid Management
    Constant monitoring of your bids and eliminate bid gaps
    Constant monitoring of your bids and eliminate new AutoBid gaps
    Set maximum bid parameters to keep bids within your budget.
  • Account Establishment
    Establish Google Adwords accounts to secure the keywords you want in a timely fashion and without any hassle of learning this yourself.


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