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Keyword and Search Engine Optimization...
Research and reporting on relevant keywords in client's industry, number of historical clicks as well as predictors of future click through.   More Info

Instant traffic through Pay per Click Search Engines...
Setting up account with Pay Per Click Sites. Traffic will begin to appear within one week after submission.   More Info

Advanced Search Engine Optimization & Submission...
Keyword research, keyword density analysis of each page, website text revised to gain best search engine rankings. Create 5 separate mini-sites (2-3 pages each), layout of main site will be utilized for landing pages to keep a consistent look. Landing pages will be linked to main site.   More Info

Link Popularity...
Link popularity increased through reciprocal link agreements (the larger number of relevant links, usually the higher your search engine ranking).   More Info

E-Mail Marketing...
Capture and consolidate email addresses of website visitors and current customers. Create sequential auto responder email messages.   More Info

Keyword Tracking...
Track which search engines and key words drive the most traffic. Keyword analysis to use for search engine optimization and search engine placement analysis. More Info

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